Pepsi Refresh

Cause-related marketing is making a buzz with the news that Pepsi is foregoing the Superbowl.

“Under the program, Pepsi will award grant money for community projects proposed and selected by consumers, such as helping high-school students publish books to develop their writing skills.” -wsj


This is how marketing and corporate social responsibility combine to create profit–or at least, positive word-of-mouth.

It is also a bang-for-your-buck situation that directly improves quality of life.

In this economy, this move is sparklingly brilliant: Coke is spending millions and millions on an ad that might entertain an audience for a few minutes.

Pepsi, on the other hand, is spending that money to help people, people in need, people who aren’t watching the superbowl for entertainment, maybe people who can’t even afford to buy pepsi. But now, don’t you feel better as a consumer buying Pepsi? A move that will support a company that supports the public–not the NFL and CBS?

That is how Pepsi wants you to think.

The social-responsibility model of marketing allows companies to show that they have more concerns than profits. Particularly in a financial environment where Americans are wary of trusting big corporations that need bailed out, this strategy shows that Pepsi is monitoring the pulse of its audience–and its potential audience.

This is less, or should be less, about the Superbowl ads than it is about an entirely different strategy toward reaching and engaging consumers. Pepsi is moving beyond the somewhat juvenile advertising world of Superbowl ads and creating a relationship with a valued segment of its audience.

Its warm and fuzzy and socially responsibly. Maybe not as funny–but it’s going to last longer than the water cooler talks Monday morning

~ by monifree on December 18, 2009.

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