On Brand ‘Bowl Ads

Days later, what is the Superbowl ad that is sticking with you? What are you still laughing at? Thinking about? Wondering about? Dismayed at? Disturbed by?

For me, the one ad I can still remember so clearly, is Google.

And I think that is because it was most “on brand.” The Google I saw on TV for 30 seconds–it is the same Google I use every day. The commercial allowed me to interact with the brand as I do in real life; it reinforced my ideas of the brand, of the product, of the promise.

Google searches for answers for you. It helps you. It guides you. It delivers what you need and what you need to know. And it performed precisely as one would expect (even if the Colts didn’t).

We don’t often think of Google as emotional, and yet it is. There is a definite emotional connection, a bond, a trust that internet users have with google. This was illustrated as the anonymous Superbowl searcher Googled his way through a love story. How often has google helped someone learn how to kiss, tie a tie for a date, write a love poem–and build a baby crib? These are all things that Google does on a daily, if not hourly basis. It is inherent in Google’s behavior and brand promise: it will, simply and easily, guide you to the answer.

Google’s ad men did a beautiful job with the story–a real story. How many other ads had such direct character and plot development? Most others were just short pokes hoping for a laugh, a quick laugh, some youtube hits later. Oh, but Google–it’s aims were higher.

It will be hard to say that this ad changed Google’s market, or gave them a larger market share. It is already a company with huge awareness and use. It’s aims were not to sell searches. It does not need to do that. It aimed to build the brand. The stark landing page has billions of emotional connections with which users can relate to and increase loyalty to. Sales may not be up, but my, oh, my, the love of Google has surely increased.

I don’t really remember any other ads. The story Google decided to tell gave me more than the etrade babies or Betty White. That more is brand identification and promise. Google promises to be with me as I travel down my own road and tell my own story. Google proves it can help me along the way. No one else did that for me Sunday night. No one.

On brand=in memory. What a success.

~ by monifree on February 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “On Brand ‘Bowl Ads”

  1. Google’s ad was good, I also liked most of the Anheiser-Busch ads. Watching the SB when the Google ad came on, you could kinda tell that it was more targeted to women as the ones in the room were cooing as the commercial went on.

  2. That’s right we google everything and what we google changes as we mature or move on in life. It’s very reflective of our inner selves

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